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Sun Raised Lamb
THe Best Lamb You Ever Had


Sun Raised Lamb is pasture raised on solar farms in North Carolina. our Lamb live outside their whole life and Their feed never contains any artificial supplements, hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products.

you can feel and taste the difference!

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Sun Raised Lamb is raised of multi-generational farmers that care for their animals and the land they take care of. We pride ourselves in farming the right way. Our shared passion for farming and producing high quality meat drives our commitment to produce and selling only the finest lamb.

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Sun Raised Foods is on a mission to create delicious, quality products in a environmentally friendly way. We work with our trusted farmers and our Solar Partners to grow our business in a sustainable manner. Our approach to farming on Solar Farms is based on providing healthy, natural and safe food to all Americans.

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Sun Raised

Sun-Raised Farms Lamb is wonderfully flavorful, it is a versatile meat and can be prepared quickly for a meal on the fly, or added to a charcuterie plate. Either way, it's worth every bite and the flavorful results never disappoint!